"The Can Do Duck’s positivity was felt from start to finish. The musical {and books} presented a powerful and important message to kids in a very fun and entertaining way – “I say I can. I make a plan. I get right to it. And then I do it!”” - The Baby Bump Diaries

“I love how interactive and engaging the show was for the kids. I have to admit that as an adult I was just as entertained as the kids.”
- First Time Mom… And Losing It!

“The cast was spectacular. They can sing, act and engage the kids. I didn’t see one kid uninterested in this show, they were all excited to see what was going to happen next.”
- The Mommy Elf

“In addition to watching a fun show, kids will leave learning a positive (and heartwarming) message about themselves and others in their lives. Even parents will find themselves singing along to catchy tunes like "You Are Loved," while hugging and swaying to the music with their children”
- Mommy Nearest

​“It’s been a week later and my children are still talking about their favorite parts of Can Do Duck."
- Momma Lew

“ If you do not succeed, remember to make a plan and say you can! This musical is jam packed with great morals, values, inspirational quotes to live by. You are learning while being entertained, what more could you ask for from a children's show?”
- Western New Yorker


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