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Can Do Duck: The Musical is...

Positive Feedback

“If you are looking for an entertaining and heart-warming show for the entire family to enjoy, go see Can Do Duck: The Musical.”
​-The Baby Bump Diaries

“You’ll leave humming the tunes and feeling like you just gave your child a shot of self-confidence”​
- Musings on Motherhood Midlife

"Go take your whole family, you will NOT be disappointed.”
- The Mommy Elf

"We were so excited to attend the girls first interactive theatre event. Yes, Disney world and Sesame place include their audience in standing and dancing during the shows but nothing compared to “Can Do Duck the musical”"

​- Twindollicious

Can Do Duck: The Musical is a positive motivational musical for children and families about believing in yourself and saying “I can”.

The musical follows the story of two families, a human family and a duck family, as they learn to try new things, work as a team and learn to love and accept each other even with their individual differences.

​The musical is based on the successful children’s book series The Can Do Duck that has positively influenced and helped people overcome challenges all over the world.

I say I can, I make a plan, I get right to it, and then I do it!

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